Ocular IQ Tower – Dual Credit Card EV Charger

The EVSE dual high powered EV credit card system provides a quick, dependable, and future-proof EV charge.

  • OCPP 1.6J, 2.0
  • Billing Capable via Credit card module & OCPP
  • 22KW Dual EV Charger- Charges two electric vehicles at the same time.
  • 240V, 32Amps, single or 3-phase

Excellent for use in the office, high-traffic commercial environments, and carparks. The Level 2 EV charger includes a built-in telemetry system that can update invoicing over the air.

Unique Design

7” LCD display with a unique design, exceptional clarity, and LED indicator


Easy back-end integration with support for OCPP1.6J and 2.0

Compliant with Multiple Charging Standard

Type-1 connector, Type-2 connector or Type-2 socket


There are 1-phase 7kW and 3-phase 22kW options available.

Flexible output current

Adjustment of output current via the back office.