EV Cable & Plug Holder – Type 2

With our integrated EV cable and plug holder, you can keep your house and place of work looking tidy.

  • Convenient Installation: You can organize your wall charging connector more easily by using screws to mount the device.
  • Excellent Performance: Protect Type Plug from Dust and Rain
  • Helps you organize your charging wire easily, preventing an unpleasant afterthought in your garage.
  • The mount enables you to hang or wrap the cable to avoid having it kinked or knotted.

To keep everything organized, use with an electric car charger or as a standalone storage solution for your portable EV charger, EV Charging wire.

  • For storage, coiling long cables again is simple.
  • Plugs are safely stored, and cables are kept neat.
  • Reduced possibility of stumbling or tripping over your cable
Weight0.123 kg