KWIK Portable Type 2 EV Charger – w/ Adaptable Tails – 16.5KW

Unlock every powerpoint in Australia with the portable that controls them all, from 8A single phase to 32A three phase. With one portable charger, you can guarantee a secure, reliable, and safe charge thanks to automated plug recognition and an intelligent touchscreen.

These are all included in this bundle:

  • Carry case
  • 240V 10A connector tail (Single Phase)
  • 240V 15A connector tail (single phase)
  • 240V 32A connector tail (single phase)
  • 415V 20A connector tail (three phase)
  • 415V 32A connector tail (three phase)  (Delivers 24 Amp maximum)

Electrical Specs

Input / Output voltage AC 230V/400V

Input/Output Current:

  • 1x8A – Plugs into 10Amp Outlet
  • 1x15A – Plugs in 15Amp outlet
  • 1x32A – Plugs into 3-pin Single Phase Outlet
  • 3x16A – Plugs into 5-pin 20Amp Outlet
  • 3x24A- Plugs into 5-pin 32Amp Outlet


  • 2- 16.5KW
  • 50Hz Operating Frequency
  • IEC 62196-2 charging interface type

Working Environment

  • Waterproof Protection Degree IP66
  • Maximum Altitude <2000m
  • Environment Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
  • Non-condensing relative humidity of 5% – 95%
  • Standby Power Consumption <8W
  • Cooling Natural cooling


  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Over load protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Over-temp protection

Function and Accessory

  • LCD 1.8-inch color display
  • RCD Type A / Type A+6mA
  • LED Indicator light Blink (040) Rolling(041)
  • Intelligent power adjustment Yes



Weight7.5 kg