Retractable EV Cable Holder

With our retractable cable management solution for EV cables, you can keep your house and place of work looking tidy.

  • Convenient Installation: Using a straightforward screw-in construction.
  • Excellent function: stop cables from falling to the ground.
  • Makes it easier for you to manage your charging cable, leaving your area organized.
  • The EV cable holder guards against kinking or tangling of the EV cable.

To keep everything tidy and, most importantly, off the ground, use this as a stand-alone storage solution for your EV charger connections.

  • Long cables can be maintained off the ground with ease.
  • Cables are maintained organized and clean.
  • Decreased possibility of stumbling or trip over your cable
  • 7kW and 22kW EV cables are compatible with AC charging cables.
  • DC power cables are incompatible

Weight0.2 kg