Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable – 7KW – 5m

Type 2 to Type 2 cable, 32A, 7kW- Cable between the universal charging station and the electric vehicle.

  • Single Phase: 7kW (up to 45km of driving per hour of charge)
  • Warranty – 2 Years
  • Premium lightweight heavy duty cable – 5 meters
  • Compatible with the following all-electric car brands and models: Audi, BMW, BYD, EQC, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan 2018+, Polestar, Renault, Rivian, TESLA, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo

Cable for connecting electric vehicles to standard charging infrastructure. Ideal for EV sockets at public charging stations ( no cable attached).
The EV Cable can be used with any brand or network that supports universal EV charging.


  • A stable connection is ensured by the sturdy construction and silver-plated connections.
  • The EV is waterproof to IP54 and has comfortable handles. Storing charging cables is simple.
  • Type 2 plug at the charging station and Type 2 plug at the vehicle.
  • The Mennekes cable connects charging stations with Type 2 Infrastructure Socket Outlets and is appropriate for Type 2 car inlets.
  • Sturdy casing
  • Designed to endure 10,000 mating cycles
  • 5m length
  • TUV certified cable and connectors meeting Australian and European standards

All networks and manufacturers that offer universal EV charging are compatible with the EV Cable, including the following:

  • ActewAGL Network
  • Queensland Electric Super Highway
  • RAC Electric Highway
  • City of Adelaide Charging Network
  • Chargefox Network
  • Jaguar Land Rover Dealer Network
  • Mirvac Shopping Centre Network
  • 151 Property Shopping Centre Network
  • EO Charging Network


Weight2.24 kg
ColorBlack, Blue
Length5 meters